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The Itsycal menu bar calendar is one of our favorites when it comes to extending the functionality of Apple’s calendar app. The small and free software offers a compact version of the personal calendar for quick access via the menu bar.


However, there are still a few minor issues to report with the app associated with the current macOS version 13 Ventura. The app developer warns that after upgrading to macOS Ventura, the app may crash right after launch.

As far as we know, this issue only affects users who use Itsycal on the Mac but don’t use iCloud calendar, but only use online calendars from other systems. The developers describe in this blog post a way to get Itsycal up and running again:

Adding a new calendar should be enough

Affected users should first open the “Internet Accounts” area in their Mac’s System Preferences and delete all calendar accounts that are not iCloud, then add them back. Itsycal should not be active during this process, but should only be restarted afterwards, in the hope that everything will then work as desired.

Mac Internet Account Settings

The reason for the misbehavior is apparently the fact that macOS Ventura does not necessarily respond to Itsycal’s retrieval of the existing calendar with a fixed calendar name such as “iCloud”, “Google”, or “Exchange”. However, the process described above gives the operating system the necessary information Press to answer the questions according to the expected pattern.

Itsycal has probably established itself as a simple menu bar calendar for many Mac users ever since the Fantastical calendar app, which has been the preferred choice in this area for many years, moved to a subscription model. In connection with this, the Fantastical developers have also continuously expanded the scope of their offerings, which, however, also clearly exceed the requirements of at least a large proportion of Mac users.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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