What is HDMI and How does it work? [2020′ Best Guide]

What is HDMI and How does it work
What is HDMI and How does it work?

What does HDMI stand for? High-Definition Multimedia Interface is used for connecting two devices to transmit the audio-visuals. A lot of people ask What is HDMI and How does it work? There has always been a lot of optical connecting cables since we got DVD players and gaming consoles. It used to take a lot of time to adjust the right cable into the right option or else it will not work properly. Since 2003 HDMI cable has made it easier to transfer your audio and video from one cable. And since then the deceives have also adapting HDMI ports. Before those different connectors were used to make HDMI’s work in the devices which do not have the HDMI port.

HDMI’s have come along a long way with a lot of upgrades and versions. With every new version, it has got better and provided better quality. With time the technology has gone too vast, when the first HDMI 1.1 came it used to support video quality up to 720p@60Hz and 1080p@60Hz which was great according to that time. With time and a lot of revisions now we have HDMI 2.1 which supports video quality up to 8K@120Hz. You can see the difference yourself how much technology has enhanced. 

What is HDMI and How does it work? What does HDMI cable do?

What is HDMI and How does it work

HDMI cable is required to connect your TV with a gaming console or a video player. HDMI’s give a stable connection and removes the hassle of a lot of optical cables to connect them into the right option, or else they will not work properly. Optical cables used to be very fragile and the pin often breaks into the port, but HDMI’s have a strong plug that has the connector switch on the inside which keeps it durable for a very long time. With the enhancing technology, the devices come with the HDMI port and not the optical ones, which makes the need for HDMI cables necessary. But if you have an old VCR and you have to connect it to your newest HDMI port on TV you can always get an HDMI cable connector which is HDMI to optical. Not only this but you can also have HDMI to USB connector and HDMI to C-Type which can connect your phone with TV. 

Why is HMDI better, HDMI cables explained?

HDMI ports in Tv

HDMI cable is better than optical cables because they transfer the high-definition digital audio and high-definition digital video with stability. And the most important thing in a transfer is the stability of connection which HDMI’s provide very well. HDMI’s come in different lengths, types, and colors. What matters us the most is the type, which means its version 1.1 to 2.1 which is suitable for your outcome source, that is your TV basically. With developing time TVs have a newer version of the HDMI port, which means it supports newer HDMI versions. You can also check the available HDMI if it works with your new TV but if it does not give a good result then you need to change it. The length of HDMI cables depends on your need but a standard length of 30 meters would be fine. Most people find the shorter length cables better. There are types of HDMI ports on your TV that makes it easier for you to connect the devices accordingly.

HDMI Revisions up to the STANDARD

HDMI’s have a standard now which makes them up to the mark. The devices that come with the HDMI port need to have the certification of approval that they are up to the standard. This is great because when a device says it supports HDMI 2.1 it will in real support HDMI 2.1. This allows you to experience video quality up to 8K@120Hz and digital audio quality with synchronized lips-synch. While we talk about upgrading standards now you can go HDMI wirelessly!. Yes, technology has gone this advanced, first, they minimized the cables and now you can have wireless HDMI transmitter & receiver system. Which allows you to transmit the audio and video without any delay wirelessly.

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Let us give you a brief look at how HDMI Revisions have come to a standard. So you know What is HDMI and How does it work?

1.0 – 1.2 HDMI 1.0 was the first high-definition digital standard which supported 1920×1080.
HDMI 1.1 DVD-Audio.
HDMI 1.2 added more audio formats.
1.3HDMI 1.3 increased bandwidth and supported 16-bit color. It also supported xvYCC color standard and lip-synch which made sure that the video is synchronized with the audio.
The resolution updated to 1080p@60Hz; it was the most famous HDMI version for HDMI ports.
1.4HDMI 1.4 brought the level up to 4K resolution. It transmitted 4K@30Hz, Blu-Ray 3D and audio return channel HMDI ARC was also introduced.
What is HDMI and How does it work.
2.0HDMI 2.0 introduced HDR (High Dynamic Range) and updated resolution 4K@60Hz.
2.1HDMI cable 2.1 introduced 8k@60Hz and add 4K@120Hz resolution. Updated high-definition sound support eARC and HDR.

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