VOCOlinc now also has affordable GU10 colored lamps in the ›jojo Reviews range

VOCOlinc now also has colored and relatively cheap GU10 colored lamps in its range. The new VOCOlinc GU10 2P can be ordered in a double package for 19.99 euros and are apparently also compatible with Apple Home.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide official information about this yet. The availability of VOCOlinc’s GU10 lamps in Germany does not appear to have been planned by the manufacturer. The company has not yet responded to any inquiry in this regard and the VOCOlinc GU10 2P has not yet been listed on the official VOCOlinc website.

There is no question that these are ‘smart’ lamps with an app and Alexa connection. This is evident from the admittedly sparse product information on Amazon. HomeKit compatibility hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the HomeKit code printed on the product images indicates as much as the fact that VOCOlinc now actually offers Apple Home compatible products across the board.

VOCOlinc HomeKit partly for half the price

VOCOlinc has regularly expanded its range in recent months and regularly offers it with sometimes substantial price reductions. Thanks to the coupons that can be activated on the product pages, the following special prices are currently available for HomeKit-compatible devices from the manufacturer:

Neon Rope Lights: Flexible decorative light strips

The Color Flux Neon Rope Lights from VOCOlinc, which are unfortunately not yet available in this country, also look extremely interesting. This is a three meter long LED light strip, which offers a large number of design options due to its special flexibility. VOCOlinc’s Neon Rope Lights are already available in the US for $69.99.

Vocolinc Nl2201 Neon Light Hoses

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