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Apple customers report serious privacy issues related to Apple’s photo storage iCloud Photos. According to various user reports, affected users sometimes see photos of strangers in their downloaded videos.

A similar message in the forum of the Apple website MacRumors is currently doing the rounds. Several users of iCloud for Windows confirm here that videos saved by them on iCloud after downloading have image errors, but sometimes individual images from unknown sources are also included.

The recordings integrated into the videos are most likely recordings from other users’ iCloud photo collections. For example, they would have seen people and families they didn’t know or sporting events in the photos they never attended.

Apple sees no security issue

A detailed explanation from Apple is still pending. However, an initial statement from Apple’s team responsible for product safety is hard to contemplate.

An affected user posted a screenshot of a conversation drawing attention to the misconduct and specifically expressing dismay at seeing images that appear to be from other users’ iCloud accounts.

The succinct response from Apple’s product security team was that this was a bug, not a security issue, and they should submit it through the usual feedback form.

Data loss cannot be ruled out

Regardless of the security issues mentioned above, the fact that the files are apparently corrupted during download already makes users feel unsafe. In the worst case, storing photos and videos in the iCloud can lead to permanent data loss.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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