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Here we summarize three recent minor updates to Mac applications. We take this mainly as an opportunity to recall the two practical, free little helpers AltTab and Rectangle.

Unlike the Mac’s standard Command-Tab key combination, which allows you to quickly switch between open applications, AltTab lets you quickly select one of the application windows currently open on the Mac.

Alt tab settings

But that is not everything. AltTab can be extensively configured to enable highly effective work adapted to personal usage habits. For example, you can restrict which applications should be integrated into the app’s functions, configure the corresponding preview windows in detail, and set hotkeys for advanced functions.

AltTab is currently available in the just released version 6.51.0, the update corrects two minor errors when using the application.

Rectangle does better with Stage Manager

For us, Rectangle is one of the indispensable little Mac helpers, not least because it also allows us to more quickly correct the annoying error of moving open program windows after sleep on Macs with external monitors.

The app allows you to assign fixed sizes and positions to windows via the menu bar or hotkeys. In the new version 0.63, the app has been improved to interact with the new macOS Stage Manager feature.

Bartender Beta 4.2.14

Bartender is a welcome relief for users whose menu bar is overflowing with additional installed apps and ads. The app allows effective management of the coveted but limited space at the top of the screen. With the beta version 4.2.14, there is a new test version that comes with minor improvements in how it interacts with macOS Ventura.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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