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UniFi now also has an LTE router for on the go. However, the target group for the UniFi Mobile Router is not so much ordinary end customers, but mainly companies that use the new WLAN router in combination with the UniFi Mobility software solution, which is also newly supplied by UniFi.

UniFi Mobility also makes it possible to manage the manufacturer’s mobile routers from a central location, similar to what we already know from UniFi’s management software for local network installations. Via a central interface, for example, the current status of the devices, the type of network connection, the number of connected clients and the current location can be requested.

Unifi mobile router management

As an alternative to powering via USB-C, UniFi’s compact new mobile router can also be connected to a PoE router or switch and then powered via the Ethernet connection. The manufacturer Ubiquiti specifies 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload as maximum performance values, whereby these values ​​are of course highly dependent on the respective network connection. In the variant presented at the beginning, the router can only be used in the AT&T network and uses a pre-installed SIM card from the US provider, which can only be used for data traffic.

As part of its “Early Access” program, UniFi lists the retail price as $199. As per the current target, the UniFi Mobile Router is currently only available through the manufacturer’s US online store.

UniFi U6+ access points available in Early Access

In general, UniFi’s “Early Access” program is also available in Europe. Registered users have the option to purchase new hardware from Ubiquiti that has not yet been fully tested. Among other things, the new access points of the U6+ type are already available here, which promise WiFi 6 dual-band and higher performance values ​​compared to the U6 Lite variant.

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