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At the beginning of the month, Apple announced two high-profile departures that will see new appointments to the company’s top management.

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For starters, Mary Demby leaves the group, retiring after three decades as Chief Information Officer. On the other hand, Anna Matthiasson, the head of the Apple Online Store, is also retiring as Vice President of Online Retail.

Third exit in two weeks

The two personal details, which the business news service Bloomberg was able to retrieve, are at the company’s highest management level, with both Mary Demby and Anna Matthiasson only supervising company boss Tim Cook.

The two departures come just a short while after Apple lost its chief designer, Evans Hankey.

Hankey, who had long worked in the team of the exceptional designer Jony Ive, followed in the footsteps of the Englishman after his retirement and since then has, among other things, been responsible for the hardware design of the new MacBook Pro models. Like Demby and Matthiasson, Hankey also belonged to the top management level.

Unstable management of the online store

With the resignation of Anna Matthiasson, the Apple Online Store once again loses its leadership. After Apple’s Jennifer Bailey left the post in 2014 and instead focused on establishing the Apple Pay payment system, her successor Bob Kubbens only stayed in the saddle for two years and then switched to eBay.

Kubben’s successor also lasted only two years and left the company in May 2016. At that time, Matthiasson took over, whose successor is not yet clear.

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