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The Koogeek power strip, which is compatible with HomeKit, is currently available for only 29.99 euros. The offer is limited in time and quantity, in order to receive the promotional price, you must either activate the coupon displayed directly on the product page, or enter the voucher code VDK47EGF when completing the purchase. The price of 59.99 euros initially displayed in the shopping cart is then halved.

The manufacturer Koogeek is not mentioned on the product page, but the power strip is an identical model that, in addition to compatibility with Apple Home, Amazon Alexa and Google Home, can also be managed via the Koogeek app and therefore the power consumption of connected devices.

Homekit power strip

The Koogeek power strip was one of the first power strips available in Germany with HomeKit support. In addition to the three Schuko sockets that can be switched individually via app, voice assistant or manually via the buttons next to the sockets, three USB-A charging sockets are also available. A disadvantage of the bar is the relatively narrow arrangement of the three slots, in any case larger power supplies are difficult to place next to each other here.

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VOCOlinc VP3 from 18 Euro

If a switchable single socket is enough for you, you could also check out the VP3 from VOCOlinc. Here, in addition to the HomeKit connection, you also have the option of using Amazon Alexa or Google Home. In combination with the manufacturer’s app, it is also possible to measure the power consumption of the connected devices. We really like the VOCOlinc app because a so-called HomeKit mode is available from the start, which does not require any additional registration.

Vocolinc Homekit connection Vp3

The VOCOlinc VP3 is currently also available with a coupon to be activated and then at a final price of 18.90 euros. The socket is currently also available in a package of two at a discount and then for a single price of 18 euros.

Both sockets mentioned here connect to the smart home network via 2.4 GHz WLAN.

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