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If you’re currently in need of a vacuum robot recommendation, we’ll throw in the Roborock Q7 Max Plus. The device is currently available through the manufacturer’s official sales channels – Amazon and MediaMarkt – for 549 euros, and even cheaper on eBay.

We presented the combination of vacuum robot and extraction station extensively in the summer, when the Roborock Q7 Max Plus was offered for the introductory price of 599 euros and sometimes prices of up to 700 euros were also asked for the device in the comfort version.

Exact laser navigation in space and very good suction power

The vacuum robot, which is also available as a single model without the combined suction and charging station, is one of the best in this field on the market today. The quality of the Roborock vacuum cleaners has convinced us for years, especially the robots score with their precise, laser-assisted navigation and high suction power.

Roborock Q7 Plus Below:

While a vacuum robot in itself is a great asset to everyday life, the combination with an extraction station is even better. We also have this experience ourselves: where you have had no problems with regularly emptying the integrated dust container by hand, you can simply forget about the robot in combination with an extraction station for a few weeks. Dust, hair and other waste are collected centrally in a bag that lasts several months, depending on the daily cleaning needs.

Incidentally, Roborock can also score points compared to the competition with the extraction station. In this case, not only the collecting tray but also the suction mouth of the robot is sucked up.

Just in view of the erase function, I have to say, at least for my part, that I completely forgot about it in everyday life. The effort for regular maintenance of the water tank and cleaning cloth is definitely too high, given that the cloth is only dragged on the floor when wet and only distributes most dirt. Here it’s easier to quickly wipe off by hand with a damp cloth or use a rotary mopping robot model – but these haven’t sucked very well, at least so far.

Available on eBay from 489 euros

The Roborock Q7 Max Plus is currently offered on eBay from 489 euros. We have referenced the official sales channels above and are unable to give you any empirical values ​​for the seller behind the eBay offering. In any case, the reviews are good, if you have any, you can share your reports in the comments.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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