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Online retailer eBay is still mainly associated with internet auctions by many users, although eBay has been trying for some time to establish itself as the first trading platform in the market and to offer an alternative to Amazon. Depending on what you enter, eBay search now finds more new products than used goods, and regular sales campaigns aim to entice customers to browse the virtual storefront doorstep.

Black Friday deal now live

So again in the context of today’s Black Friday. eBay has come up with a special promotion that runs until 4 p.m., very attractive, but at the same time comes with a handful of restrictions.

Each person can only participate in the campaign once and there are certain minimum order values. If these are reached, eBay will apply the discount on top of existing Black Friday offers, making the already reduced prices even cheaper.

Ebay CyberApple

Coupon code: CYBER22

All you have to do is remember the voucher code CYBER22, after which another 10, 20 or 50 euros will be deducted from the current shopping cart. The following minimum order values ​​apply:

  • Discount of 10 € from a minimum order of 150 €
  • Discount of €20 from a minimum order of €250
  • Discount of 50 € from a minimum order of 550 €

Among the products that can be bought even cheaper in eBay’s electronics and technology section is the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra vacuuming and mopping robot with cleaning station, which has already been reduced from 1,199 to 899 euros and is currently, as the proverbial seems to be, hot cakes. to sell.

Click here for eBay’s Black Friday overview.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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