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Netflix has been offering its discounted “Basic Subscription with Advertising” rate since yesterday. The video service can therefore be used at a reduced monthly rate of 4.99 euros, although you have to tolerate an average of four minutes of advertising per hour in this rate level.

Also, what should not be forgotten about the new Netflix option is the fact that not all content available as part of the regular Netflix subscriptions is available in the basic subscription with advertising. Netflix says the reason for this is that the license terms of these series or movies do not allow such an offer. In the general overview or when searching for specific content, these titles that are not included are marked with a lock.

Movies in particular are excluded from the advertising subscription

The video search engine JustWatch provides an overview of all content available as part of the Netflix basic subscription with ads matching the German launch of the new Netflix offer and currently lists 3,412 films and 2,022 series here. As of today, a total of 4,856 films and 2,109 series are on the Netflix list, which shows that the content restrictions on the basic subscription with advertising are especially important for the films.

JustWatch’s lineup can certainly help you make up your mind when considering subscribing to or trying out Netflix’s low-cost offerings.

Interest in ad-supported video services is generally increasing

The image below is also interesting, which reflects the general, worldwide interest in ad-supported and premium video content.

Avod vs. Svod

SVOD stands for “Subscription-Video-on-Demand” and AVOD for “Advertising-Video-on-Demand”, which is co-financed by advertisements. In recent months, interest in ad-subsidized content has increased somewhat, while the curve for premium offers is pointing slightly downwards.

At this point, we would like to remind you that Netflix’s new advertising subscription cannot be used with Apple TV at this time.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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