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Just over a year after the release of version 5.0, the Mac application FSNotes is now released in version 6. An update that is offered as a free update to existing customers.

In general, FSNotes (also in issue 6) can be downloaded as a completely free application from the Github code portal, where the application is being developed as an open source project. However, if you want to support the responsible programmer Oleksandr Hlushchenko, you can download it from the Mac App Store, which costs $9.99 for the Mac application.

Notes as a private wiki

In short, FSNotes is a note taking application based on the Zettelkasten principle. This means notes can be linked together and referenced. This makes it possible to build a “private Wikipedia” if you want.

Notes no longer need to be managed solely by folders or tags (both are possible in FSNotes 6) but are all linked together, searchable and still offer tags and personal sorting.

Inspired by the similar but much more limited Mac application nvALT, FSNotes 6 supports the same keyboard shortcuts and delivers numerous new functions that will please especially heavy users of the desktop application.

Fsnotes Dark Mode 1400

Web sharing and other new features

In addition to a deeper integration of the version tool git (now with pull, push and commit), the new edition understands encrypted folders, sidebar sorting, quick notes, displaying different windows, tables of contents and a quick web release, the selected notes with one click a short URL for forwarding.

Web shares are marked in the FSNotes app and can be removed at any time.

Download from the App Store

Developer: Oleksandr Hlushchenko

Price: 9.99 €

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Written by Kim Anderson

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