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Meross also joins the ranks as a supplier of smart home accessories that are compatible with Matter. With the Smart Mini Plug, the manufacturer has presented its first accessory compatible with the new standard. The Switch Socket can be ordered in limited quantities from the outset, but should be relatively useless to most of our readers as this is a model for the US market.

Meross Matter exhaust

It is still unclear when Meross will launch additional accessories compatible with Matter. However, Meross has already announced that its legacy WLAN and HomeKit products cannot be retrofitted accordingly. In general, however, we would like to recomment to always keep existing Meross accessories up to date with the latest firmware version. Some of the recent firmware updates bring significant improvements, especially with regard to network connection stability. Available updates are displayed in the “Users” section in the app of the Meross app for iOS.

Meross issue

Back to the current Meross announcement. The new switchable outlet is offered in a double pack for the introductory price of $25 so is a reasonable price, not least because Meross holds the licenses for the likes of Apple Home and instead relies on the outlet being connected via Matter Connects systems such as HomeKit. You can report in detail here when the first products are actually available and Matter is actually supported by HomeKit. So far only announcements have been heard here across the board, but we should be able to present practical empirical values ​​later this year.

A product overview of all current Meross products intended for Europe can be found here at the manufacturer. Some devices are also currently available with a significant price reduction. You also get a ten percent discount on some products with the promotional code jojo Reviews10.

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