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The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), an interest group of numerous market parties in the smart home industry, is responsible for the development of the so-called Matter Standard.

The new smart home protocol would be the first of its kind to be used entirely by manufacturers and was designed as an open source project by providers such as IKEA, Apple, Google and Samsung in such a way that the interaction of a wide range of of brands and suppliers, terminal equipment and software solutions should be possible.

Just before the market launch

Delayed several times, the new smart home standard is now about to hit the market. Apple has already made basic preparations in iOS 16.1, and early carriers are aggressively promoting the Matter compatibility of their products. Swedish furniture retailer IKEA has started selling its new DIRIGERA gateway, which, unlike its TRÅDFRI predecessor, will also be on Matter.

Now the official website of the Connectivity Standards Alliance has also started offering smart home products compatible with Matter.

Matter website 1400

Eve Motion only certified yesterday

A first (still manageable) overview of the lamps, motion sensors and software solutions that support Matter is obtained by limiting the “Certified Products Search” to the more than 4000 products of the CSA using the “Program Type” filter so that only Matter – Products are shown.

Various products from provider Eve appear here, but also Samsung’s SmartThings application for Android or the webOS TV operating system from television producer LG.

If you select individual products, you can view the compliance documents and further information, such as the date of certification. The Eve Motion motion sensor will not be certified until November 1, 2022.

Eve Motion Matter 1400

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