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Video streaming service Netflix let us use the calendar for the second time in a few weeks to capture a planned reshuffle of the biggest streaming provider of them all.

“Basic with advertising” from November 3

As is known, Netflix has scheduled the start of the new ad-funded low-cost access for November 3, and the new access “Basic with advertising” will be added to the three paid accesses “Basic”, “Standard” and “Premium” on exactly two weeks.At 4.99 euros, this is a whole 3 euros cheaper than the basic account, but plays up to five minutes of advertising per hour of streaming.

According to Netflix, commercials must be shown for between 15 and 30 seconds, which in purely mathematical terms can go up to 20 spots per hour.

Part stop at the beginning of 2023

As part of its most recent quarterly earnings announcement, Netflix has now also outlined a rough schedule (PDF download) from when it will also take action in key markets against shared Netflix access used by users in different households. Netflix has so far only experimented with enforcing such restrictions in South America.

Beginning in the spring of 2023, they will introduce a “thought-out approach to monetizing shared accounts”. After evaluating feedback from existing customers, affected users who have previously shared a Netflix account from friends from another household will be given the option to convert existing profiles into their own Netflix accounts. In preparation for this, Netflix recently announced the introduction of so-called profile moves.

Moving or “Additional Member”

Users who wish to continue paying for “family or friends” will also be given the option to pay an additional fee for so-called “additional members” to continue with existing arrangements. Here’s how Netflix hopes to squeeze friends from shared accounts into the new promotional offer:

[…] In countries with our cheaper ad-supported plan, we expect the borrower profile transfer option to be especially popular.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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