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We now also have the list of November’s new releases on Amazon FreeVee for you. The ad-funded offering is once again expanded with an impressive roster of new series seasons and movies, and new FreeVee Originals have also been announced along with Judy Justice and Fair Trade.

Judy Justice – in the way of Justice Jud
Judy Sheindlin is a Manhattan family court judge known for her sharp mind, wisdom, and witty, hard-hitting honesty, making her the most popular judge in America for over 25 years. She judges real cases and does what she does best: do justice.

Fair trade
Water Wilson (Kevin Janssens) and Robin De Rover (Ella-June Henrard) form a remarkable new police duo in Antwerp in this crime series. Both started their careers in the police force for noble reasons. But now they are operating outside the law and making good money. Wilso’s vices, women, alcohol and drugs, make him unpredictable and eventually he is suspended. Now he’s really diving into the underworld and getting himself into more trouble than he’d like…

New FreeVee Series in November

New FreeVee Movies in November

Disney+ kicked off last Thursday with the announcements of the new releases in November.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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