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The free Mac application Onyx has been around for a few years. Nevertheless, the utility is still relevant for all users who want to look under the hood of their system and at least get to know hidden settings.

Onyx Ventura

Ready for macOS Ventura

Onyx is now also available in a version for macOS Ventura and can now also be used with Apple’s latest Mac operating system. While Onyx release 4.3 was the official Ventura update, the now available version 4.3.1 adds several detailed features.

Among other things, the point update optimizes the automatic deletion of .DS_Store files, has a switch to disable the flashing seconds display of the menu bar clock, and several improvements to the user interface.

Enables hidden settings

The application, which is just under five megabytes in size, has been asking its users (for years) for full hard drive access and administrator rights after the first launch in order to provide its range of functions. This includes removal routines that can be used to remove old device backups, Used Documents entries, cache files, and system log files.

Parameter Onyx

In addition, Onyx can rebuild mailboxes, the Spotlight search, or the Launch Services database.

In the parameter area, the app offers numerous switches and adjustment screws that can be used to activate hidden functions, set settings and configure the behavior of the mac.

Optimize Onyx

For example, here you can specify whether the dock should work with graphical effects, and you can also choose the format in which screenshots should be taken and where they should be saved.

Onyx is a good app that gives advanced users a little more credit than Apple.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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