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The text recognition app TRex is back with an update after a long hiatus. In version 1.6.0, TRex now fully supports the current macOS Ventura and brings a few notable improvements.

First of all, we should mention that the current version of TRex is only available through GitHub. The version in the Mac App Store hasn’t been updated for a long time – while January’s version 1.4.3 can still be found here, five other versions of the application have now finally been released via GitHub with the latest update.

Multilingual texts and drag & drop

Aside from the support for macOS Ventura now tied to TRex and the newly supported Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, and Russian languages, the improvements associated with the update when using the app are very nice. TRex under macOS Ventura can now not only automatically recognize the relevant language, but can also handle multilingual texts. In addition, images can now simply be dragged to the app icon in the menu bar to perform text recognition.

Extends the standard functionality of macOS

TRex expands the text recognition function already integrated in the Apple operating system with practical functions. Shortcut support was recently added so that successful text recognition using the app can instantly trigger automation based on it.

TRex is available for quick access from the Mac menu bar and can subject entire images or mouse-selected areas to text recognition. The text thus determined is then transferred directly to the macOS clipboard and can be used from there.

While TRex is free to download and use from GitHub, satisfied users should consider purchasing the app from the Mac App Store as a voluntary donation to the developers. The application is currently listed there for a price of 9.99 euros.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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