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Corsair’s accessory brand, Elgato, has a new version of the Stream Deck input device in its range. The Stream Deck+ not only has the familiar configurable keys, but also four rotary knobs and an LCD touchscreen strip that is reminiscent of the Touch Bar on older MacBooks.

Stream Deck Plus 2

In addition to rotating the controller in either direction, the associated additional input options also include the ability to jump through a freely configurable stack of stored functions by pressing the buttons.

The additional LCD screen can display the setting and actions of the new buttons, but can also be used for touch input itself. The screen contents, including the background images, are fully user configurable.

Stream Deck Plus

Stream Deck can also be used to control media and production devices, as well as a controller for Hue lighting, for example. In total, there are now more than 100 app plugins available for the system. The new Stream Deck+ is now in stores for a suggested retail price of 229.99 euros.

Stream Deck for Mac version 6.0

The buttons, dials and the so-called touch strip are configured via the accompanying app, as usual with Stream Deck. Stream Deck for Mac is available brand new in version 6.0.

Above all, the update naturally supports the new hardware Stream Deck+. In addition, the developers have integrated a number of functional extensions and improvements, including optical fixes such as improved symbols and expanded plug-in support for additional hardware and software.

Besides the new Stream Deck +, the most important new feature for Mac users is the fact that the new version 6.0 of the Stream Deck software is finally fully optimized for Apple processors.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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