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Unfortunately, we do not know the exact correlation between the daily usage time of one’s own computer and the use of hotkeys, but we assume that these are used more often as more time is spent in front of the monitor.

Keyboard shortcuts speed up repetitive tasks, are offered by almost all programs, and can be quickly created yourself if needed – for example, this is the quick way to generate PDF documents from almost all Mac programs at the touch of a button.

However, those who are still familiarizing themselves with work processes, have yet to learn new applications, or perhaps have just started their job in the company, are not yet familiar with many of the possible keyboard shortcuts.

For beginners, new apps and workflows

This is where the ShowMeYourHotKeys Mac application comes in to help, which runs in the background and (once invoked by a hotkey) displays all the hotkeys of the currently running application.

The overview is launched on the Mac monitor next to the currently open application and is not only searchable, but also shows the possible shortcuts, sorted by application category, below each other in a structured overview.

In fact, ShowMeYourHotKeys can also print a cheat sheet with hotkeys if desired, making using the app virtually unnecessary.

ShowMeYourHotKeys is currently in beta and is free to download and use during this time. The Mac application will later be sold for less than 10 euros.

Hotkey Beta Phase 1400

Alternatives to CheatSheet

If this is too much money for you, check out the completely free alternative CheatSheet, which offers a similar set of features to freeware, but lacks both the search and print functionality.

Cheat sheet 1400

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Written by Kim Anderson

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