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The cloud gaming provider Shadow now officially presents itself as a provider of storage solutions in the cloud. After a soft launch period that started in the summer, the Shadow Drive cloud storage service is now officially available. The starting shot for the range was initially given in Europe, so Shadow Drive will also be available in North America next year.

Shadow’s online storage, which relies on end-to-end encryption, is offered free of charge up to a maximum size of 20 GB. If you need more storage space, you can book a premium rate, which allows you to use up to 2 TB of cloud storage for a monthly price of 8.99 euros.

European solution in collaboration with Nextcloud

In connection with the offering, Shadow attaches particular importance to highlighting the requirements for protecting the data stored on its servers. Not only is the company European-owned and all data storage located in Europe, but the offering is also managed in partnership with sovereign European solutions. This refers in particular to the German provider Nextcloud, whose cloud software relies on a development model supported by the open source community.

Shadow Drive aims to enable its users to easily store, share and sync their data while accessing it from anywhere. However, the operator still needs to do some development work in this area. The cloud storage service is currently only available through the web browser and with dedicated apps for macOS, Windows, Linux and Android. However, an app for iOS devices is already in beta and should be submitted soon.

In addition, Shadow Drive’s overall range of features should be continuously expanded with the constructive support of the users. WebDAV compatibility and thus the ability to use applications like Cyberduck or FileZilla to access cloud storage is currently on the developer’s to-do list.

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