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We can still underline the recommendation we made early last year: creating a keyboard shortcut on the Mac that reads the currently selected text when you press a key can be very helpful.

When the proper preparatory work has been done, a text can be selected from almost all applications, which the Mac then reads aloud at your personal favorite speed.

Spoken content MacOS Ventura

Practical daily help

Here we use the Command+Escape key combination to activate the speech output and use the function more often:

  • On the one hand, the Mac’s speech output can help you consume text even when your eyes aren’t on the monitor because your eyes are otherwise busy.
  • On the other hand, the speech output can help detect errors in self-written texts, which are always overlooked during proofreading. A well-known phenomenon among students who have been working on their own texts for days.
  • Reading selected content can also be useful for following bone-dry texts and increasing concentration on the written word.

Spoken content MacOS Ventura hotkey

Check the configuration under Ventura

What we noticed after several updates to macOS Ventura: Apparently the system update doesn’t seem to accept configurations set in the system settings.

Check the Spoken Content section of the Mac System Preferences Accessibility Panel here. We had to both reset the voice to “Siri (Voice 1)” and re-enable the “Speak Selection” option. Even premium voices already loaded under macOS Monterey had to be reloaded from the internet and the speech rate reset to the desired speed.

Download audio content MacOS Ventura

Now everything is back to normal, but the speech output now takes considerably longer than before for the reading voice to start after the key is pressed. Hopefully, Apple will make improvements here.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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