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An innovation that is currently causing unsatisfied Apple customers in the US should soon be noticeable in Germany as well. Apple apparently cares more about promoting its own paid content than continuing to provide meaningful suggestions to its users based on their usage behavior.

We are talking about the “Next” category shown in the screenshot below, which in the Apple TV app automatically responds to, for example, the next upcoming series or new movies or series that correspond to the respective usage behavior of the different sources linked to the application attracts attention.

While “Next” has always occupied the top row of the Apple TV app’s home screen, it has now given way to Apple’s own promotion on many users’ screens. Overridden with “Featured” (which will likely be called “In the Spotlight” in this country), this position will then only advertise Apple TV+ content. If you want to see your personalized recommendations instead, you’ll need to scroll first.

It is currently unclear whether Apple is only running a test with a limited number of users, or whether the switch will gradually be spread to all devices.

Profit maximization is above the user

The mere fact that Apple is thinking of such a move clearly shows how far the company led by Tim Cook has moved away from its former values. Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen in various places that Apple is increasingly focused on profit maximization and that the customers are playing a subordinate role for the time being.

Even with the introduction of additional ad banners in the App Store, the focus was solely on the associated revenue. Apple also had no problem turning itself into an advertising service provider for dodgy betting offers. Only the outcry of developers and users has led Apple to discontinue individual ad categories, at least temporarily.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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