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With Satechi, another supplier now has hard shells for the MacBook Pro in its range. The manufacturer’s eco-hardshell case is available for the MacBook Pro models presented last year with 14- and 16-inch screens.

In connection with the new plastic covers for the MacBook Pro, Satechi especially emphasizes that the covers have an adapter-friendly design – the side cutouts are designed so that plug-in hubs can also be used, which, for example, have two USB-C usage connections. Of course, Satechi has its own USB-C adapters for Apple notebooks in mind, citing its Pro-Hub models as an example.

The plastic covers themselves are designed to protect the notebook from scratches, dirt and fingerprints and clip onto the top and bottom of the Apple computer. Rubber feet on the bottom should provide a secure and non-slip stand, as well as better heat dissipation. In connection with this, the vents of the notebooks on the bottom are also cut out accordingly.

Satechi Hardshell Case Detail

Satechi offers its hard cases for the MacBook Pro models with 14 and 16 inch screens in transparent or space gray. In the US, a retail price of $44.99 is quoted. In Germany, the case can already be ordered for 44.99 euros in versions for the MacBook Pro 14 inch and the MacBook Pro 16 inch, but you have to take into account the relatively high shipping costs of 8 euros – this should be arranged in the near future. must become. future.

Alternatives from Incase, Tech21 and Artwizz

Satechi is relatively late with its hard cases for the two MacBook Pro models. Products from other manufacturers have been on the market here since spring, we have already presented comparable products from Incase, Tech21 and Artwizz in this category.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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