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Roku, the independent streaming player provider, has expanded its portfolio of set-top boxes with the new Roku SE. With a suggested retail price of $18, the Roku SE is the hardware manufacturer’s cheapest provider to date and is $11 cheaper than the Roku Express HD, which is officially available for $29.99.

Construction identical to the Roku Express

However, there are no differences between the Roku SE and the Roku Express. As Roku confirms when asked, aside from the color, the new SE model is the same hardware that is also installed in the Roku Express. Accordingly, the rebrand can be understood as a hidden price cut aimed at bringing Roku’s streaming player to more households.

From the hardware year

Focus on smart home accessories

Given the provider’s smart home strategy, this is a completely understandable move. Roku recently announced that it would no longer focus solely on selling streaming players, but would instead increasingly focus on the smart home accessories business.

The official Roku YouTube channel shows how actively the manufacturer is already expanding this. In the past month it was almost exclusively about cameras, lighting solutions, sockets and doorbells.

Market launch at ALDI North

The new Rokus SE is available until November 22, 2022 at ALDI Nord for 17.99 euros. In principle, the cheapest Roku player to date should also be available from other retailers, but isn’t listing the new model just yet.

On jojo Reviews, we’ve dealt with the Roku Streambar in the past, which combines a TV soundbar with the provider’s streaming player, killing two birds with one stone. This general overview shows which apps are available to the Roku players.

Product Notice:

ROKU 9102EU Streambar Media Player and Soundbar black EUR 119.95

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