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Apple’s unusual press release on the first Sunday of the current month had already indicated that the corona lockdown, recently imposed by Chinese authorities on an industrial estate of the main Apple manufacturer, will lead to massive supply shortages.

At the time, Apple warned of imminent production delays for its most in-demand products: the entire iPhone 14 family. The decisive factor for this is a corona outbreak in the iPhone 14 production facilities in Zhengzhou, China, and the subsequent corona protection measures taken by the Chinese government.

It still pursues a zero-Covid policy and immediately regulated the industrial park, on whose grounds the Apple manufacturer Foxconn employs about 200,000 people. An intervention that caused riots at the time and caused videos to appear on social networks showing employees of the industrial estate fleeing their shelter.

Foxconn employees not only work in Zhengzhou, but also spend their free time in affiliated dormitories. The prospect of facing a severe lockdown in the coming weeks, which closed off entire neighborhoods in other parts of China and prevented residents from even shopping for groceries, motivated many workers to go home.

Those who stayed appear to have responded to their dissatisfaction with conditions on the ground with riots, as recent cellphone videos from Zhengzhou suggest, showing violent protests and apparently the use of tear gas. The supply of fresh food and continued payment of wages also prove to be problematic here.

The authenticity and timeliness of the videos seems to be proven, among other things, by this Wall Street Journal article.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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