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Amazon officially starts the Christmas sale well in advance. In view of the approaching end of the year and probably not least to allow for an uncomplicated exchange of early purchased Christmas gifts, the online retailer has extended its standard return period until the end of January 2023.

This basically means that all items purchased from Amazon between November 1 and December 31 that are eligible for returns cannot be returned within 14 days as usual, but only on January 31, 2023 without explanation – that is. a maximum of three months reflection period.

Amazon is already pointing out the extended returns at the end of the year on the individual offer pages and will probably adjust the detailed return conditions soon.

Apple will follow soon

As in previous years, Apple will soon be jumping on this train. Currently, however, the regular 14 days from the date of purchase still apply. In the past, Apple’s campaign was only communicated a few days after the Amazon campaign started

Last year, however, Apple’s extended Christmas return period also applied retroactively from November 1, but only included items purchased through December 25, and by January 8 at the latest. Apple usually accompanies its Christmas business with special promotions and gift ideas, which, apart from a few cases or AirTags, are often in the higher price segment.

Further new products are not expected from Apple this year. At the beginning of the week, we reported that the Apple boss himself made the accompanying statement, and accompanying information from local residents suggests we probably won’t be able to expect the long-awaited new Macs until spring.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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