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We’ve already written about iOS 16’s topic recognition, and most recently discussed about homemade stickers for Apple’s news application.

With the release of macOS Ventura, Apple’s desktop operating system has now acquired a similar feature hidden in the tool selection of the PDF and image viewer Preview.

“Remove Background” in Preview

On the iPhone, all you need to remember is to hold your finger on the touchscreen a little longer to activate Scene Recognition, which separates photo subjects from their respective backgrounds and can hand them over to other apps for further processing, Mac users just internalize. a key combination : Command + Shift + K


The key combination can be seen in the “Tools” menu of the preview app. The “Remove background” action, which is gray by default, can also be activated here with the mouse if this is possible in the open image.

Result as PNG file

If the preview offers you the “Remove Background” option, the cropped result will be saved as a PNG file, so the short message about the pending data conversion shouldn’t annoy you further. But be careful: the preview overwrites the original image and does not save the cropped portion as a new image.

Remove background

In principle, the new feature will not produce results comparable to manual Photoshop work, but is ideal for creating product photos for eBay and Co. to reduce to the essence.

Bat clean

Also available as a quick finder action

In addition to direct access in the preview, the new “Remove Background” function is also available in the so-called Finder shortcuts. You can check if this is enabled on your systems in the “Extensions” > “Finder” system settings area.

Remove Background Quick Action 1400

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Written by Kim Anderson

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