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After Google announced the end of its game streaming service Stadia in September, the first users of the offer can now look forward to the promised refunds. According to Google, the repayments have started and should be completed by January 18, 2023.

On January 18, Google also wants to shut down its Stadia server after the games streaming service was not accepted to the extent that the operators had initially hoped, according to the operators. With the transition phase over three months after the announcement at the end of September, Google wanted to give Stadia users a chance to finish games they started. However, since then it is no longer possible to purchase content or hardware.

As part of the refunds now underway, Google wants to account for all spending on games, add-on content, and subscription fees in the Stadia Store – only Stadia Pro costs are omitted here.

Google asks authorized users for patience in this context. According to the company, refunds are automated and you should not contact customer service about this as they cannot expedite the process.

Refunds go to the original purchasers

According to Google, users will be notified by email when the refund has been processed. As a rule, it is not necessary to demonstrate that you still have purchased hardware in your possession. In principle, refunds are available for the Stadia Controller in the Founder’s Edition, Premiere Edition, and for the “Google TV to Play and Watch TV” set. If you received the said hardware as a gift, the original purchaser can look forward to the corresponding refund.

All information regarding the end of Stadia and related refunds and timelines can be found in Google’s “FAQs about Stadia Announcements”.

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