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The Raspberry Pi team advises users of the Raspberry Pi Pico or similar boards based on an RP2040 controller not to install macOS Ventura. The background is the fact that the final version of the current Apple operating system still contains a Finder bug that prevents files from being dragged and dropped onto a Pico volume installed on the Mac.

What worked without problems under the predecessor macOS Monterey, has now been confirmed under macOS Ventura with the error message “The process could not be completed. (Error 100093)”. It appears that in connection with the jump to the new macOS 13 Ventura, Apple has made changes to the way the Finder handles UF2 files without documenting them in a way that is visible to the developers involved.

Apple is responsible

In a detailed blog post, the Raspberry Pi developers describe the problem and point out that this is not a specific problem related to their miniboard alone, but also affects many other developers and users. It is not a specific UF2 or Raspberry Pi problem, but a fact that has been known since the beta versions of the operating system and for which Apple is responsible.

Like other companies and various people involved in the ARM platform, they are in touch with Apple about this, but have no direct contact in the responsible development team. Accordingly, it is fully open when a bug fix can be expected.

Terminal and shortcut as a temporary solution

Raspberry Pi Pico Uf2 Shortcut

Until then, a possible solution would be to copy the files directly from the terminal. Detailed instructions can also be found in the developer’s current blog post. There is also now a Mac shortcut, Copy to RPI-RP2, which allows copying UF2 files directly to the Pico with a right-click on Quick Actions.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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