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jojo Reviews reader Frank draws our attention to the fact that Apple has not automatically enabled ProMotion support in Safari and the corresponding option to display refresh rates up to 120 Hz under macOS Ventura. To take advantage of the particularly high-quality screen display, you’ll need to access Safari’s developer settings, as was already required under macOS Monterey.

For example, Apple actively promotes the MacBook Pro with a 14 or 16-inch screen that these devices are equipped with ProMotion technology and are therefore able to display content such as websites or games extremely smoothly and responsively with frame rates up to 120 Hz . The technology must automatically adapt to the content and thus ensure that the energy consumption of the display is kept as low as possible.

Developer setting limited to 60 fps

Promotion setting Safari

However, a hidden setting ensures that Apple browser Safari simply ignores this option at first and prefers refresh rates around 60 frames per second. To activate full-screen performance, you must first activate the “Developer” menu in the advanced Safari settings, then check the “Prefer Page Rendering Updates near 60fps” box in the “Experimental Features” area in the menu item of the same check name now available from the menu bar “delete.

Ufo Test Safari Promotion

While it’s certainly useful to be aware of this, the default setting of 60 frames per second should suffice most of the time. On the UFO Test website you not only have the option to display the frame rate currently supported by your Safari installation, but also to get a sense of the difference between the display at 60 and 120 frames per second .

The Safari setting should not be confused with the general ProMotion monitor setting, which generally makes the screen display adapt to the image content.

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