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Is the Firefox browser making another big comeback? The Firefox Sync data comparison, which will not only keep the desktop and mobile versions of the Firefox browser in sync, but will also be included in the Thunderbird email and calendar application.

Thunderbird appointment view

Thunderbird Supernova’s New Schedule View

Thunderbird stands for a new start

And Thunderbird is on the cusp of a great new beginning. After Mozilla hinted in the summer that mobile applications of the email application for iPhone and iPad are certainly possible in the future, the team behind the open source application gave their first look this week at Thunderbird Supernova – the all-new, fully modernized Thunderbird edition, scheduled for next year.

115 Calendar model DAY VIEW 1500

Thunderbird Supernova’s New Day View

The developers have now provided several screenshots that roughly show how Thunderbird will feel and behave in the future.

The month view should therefore have freely configurable weekends or non-work days that can be collapsed to provide more space for appointments in the rest of the week.
115 Calendar Model WEEKLY DISPLAY 1500

Thunderbird Supernova’s New Weekly View

The new title bar is equipped with a search function and configurable buttons that are displayed dynamically depending on the respective context. In addition, all colors and other design elements of the calendar, such as the display of icons and the display of appointment categories, can be completely customized to your own taste.

The individual display of appointments has also been revised and now offers a direct view of participating contacts, location, organizer and your own acceptance status.

115 Calendar Mockup MONTHLY VIEW No Comments 1500

Thunderbird Supernova’s New Monthly View

Release only in 2023

When exactly the new Thunderbird app will be released next year, the team is still open.

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Written by Kim Anderson

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