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At the beginning of the month, many popular Mac applications are presented with new version numbers and some major updates.

In addition to Pixelmator Pro image processing, which is now available in version 3.1, the website building kit Sparkle, the file transfer program CyberDuck, the recording studio OBS and the free racing game SuperTuxKart with new updates can also be downloaded from the Internet.

Pixelmator Pro 3.1

Image processing Pixelmator Pro, which is particularly suitable for photo processing with its machine-learning image enhancement algorithms, offers full support for macOS Ventura and promises to have drastically reduced the waiting time when opening documents.

Pixelmator Img Artwork@2x

In addition, the new version now supports the modern AVIF image format and can now draw rounded corners in more detail and sharpness than before. Pixelmator Pro is available as a one-time purchase from the Mac App Store for $47.99.

Download from the App Store

Pixelmator Pro
Pixelmator Pro
Developer: Pixelmator team

Price: €47.99

Glitter 4.5″

The website builder Sparkle, which saw the last major update in the spring, now also understands version 4.5 for use under macOS Ventura and is almost exclusively responsible for error corrections and optimizations in the website output.

The official change notes for the latest version can be viewed here.

Download from the App Store

‎Sparkling, visual web design
‎Sparkling, visual web design
Developer: River SRL

Price: Free+

NOTE Studio 28.1

Indispensable for video streamers. Available for download in issue 28.1, the free OBS Studio brings with it so many specific innovations that it’s best to browse the update notes.

The OBS Studio allows to switch between different cameras and their stream output summary and can best be thought of as a sort of control desk for live streaming sessions.

Obs Streaming Hero 1400

SuperTux Kart 1.4

The hobby project SuperTuxKart brings a 3D arcade racing game to your Mac that is reminiscent of Super Mario Cart and is offered as an open source download completely free of charge. SuperTuxKart 1.4 can now be played again on older versions of the Mac operating system.

Cyber ​​duck 8.5

The new version of the file transfer program CyberDuck can display old file versions on ownCloud and Nextcloud instances and understand file requests via Dropbox upload links. The changelog describes the improvements.

Cyberduck Browser 1400

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Written by Kim Anderson

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