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The home conference of software supplier Adobe, the so-called Adobe MAX 2022, runs until tomorrow Thursday. You don’t have to wait any longer to download Photoshop 2023 from the web, the latest major update to what is probably the best-known image processing application. Photoshop 2023 (version 24.0) is now available for download.

Available for both the Mac and iPad and requiring an existing Creative Cloud account for installation, the new edition brings several detailed improvements to already known features.

Object selection tool

The most important update: the object selection tool, which allows image content to be selected with a mouse click, has been greatly refined and should now allow for much more precise automatic selections, also taking individual hairs into account.

Even before the first mouse click, the object selection tool shows which areas have been recognized as belonging together. Also, the number of objects that Photoshop automatically recognizes has increased significantly.

One-click removal and filling

Also new is what Adobe describes as “One-Click Delete and Fill”. A feature that removes selected image content and then instantly fills the gaping white space in the image. The only thing Photoshop users need to remember is the Shift+Delete key combination.

Neural filters

New neural filters use machine learning algorithms to recover old, yellowed and damaged photos. Scratches and other imperfections should be able to be removed largely automatically.

Neural filter

Content-aware filling (iPad)

Content-Aware Fill is now available on iPad with a simple touch of the screen.

Adobe Photo Plan for iPad and Mac

The easiest way to use Photoshop is Adobe’s so-called Creative Cloud photo subscription. It currently costs 132 euros, but is also occasionally offered for less than 90 euros and gives access to Photoshop and Photoshop for iPad for a year.

product notification

Adobe Creative Cloud Photo Plan 20 GB: Photoshop and Lightroom | 1 year license | PC/Mac online code & download EUR 131.98

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Written by Kim Anderson

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