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Developer Sindre Sorhus remains committed to the new year and has released its first project for 2023 with the Spaced menu bar app. The application wants to provide more order and overview in the menu bar.

Spaced should not be confused with applications such as Bartender or Hidden Bar, which can also be used to hide individual application icons in the menu bar. The new app from Sorhus only allows for the integration of separators in the menu bar. For this, the application can be placed several times and also with different symbols in the menu bar.

Separators or just spaces

Spaced app Mac

The naming space can be integrated into the menu bar as usual with Spaced or as a larger space called “tab”. Alternatively, a period, a vertical bar (also called “pipe”), a hyphen, and a dash are available as separators. In addition, you have the option to indicate via the settings of the app that the separators are less transparent and therefore slightly lighter.

Spaced can be downloaded for free from the Mac App Store. Alternatively, the developer has a version of the app available for direct download from their website, but points out that only the version offered on the Mac App Store is automatically updated.

Customize the Mac menu bar

Except for the date and time display and the control center on the right, you can freely move and sort the objects in the menu bar according to your preferences. All you have to do is hold down the command key while you click and drag the respective icon with the mouse. In the same way, place the separators generated with Spaced in the desired position. In addition, you can, for example, also drag the icons for WLAN or Bluetooth from the control center directly to the menu bar.

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