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SuperDuper backup software couldn’t be designed much simpler. All users have to do is connect an external drive to their Mac, launch SuperDuper and command it to create a bootable backup with a single click.

Superduper Backup Mac

Once you’ve done this, SuperDuper will write the entire contents of your Mac hard drive to the connected external drive and can make it bootable as well. This means, if the drive in your computer ever runs out of space, you can connect the external drive containing the SuperDuper backup to your Mac and launch it from that same device.

Completely free to use

Best of all, SuperDuper is completely free to use. Provided you have an external hard drive, you can launch the application, make a full backup, stop the download and be on the safe side for now. The individual license for the Mac application, which is reasonably priced at ~30 euros, only needs to be purchased by those who want to take advantage of additional features such as the “Smart Update”.

The “Smart Update” ensures that future backups do not have to copy the entire contents of the hard drive to the external drive every time, but only transfer changed and newly added files, thus greatly speeding up the updating of already available backups .

Super duper app

Bootable backups on macOS Ventura

Available for download this weekend in version 3.7.5, SuperDuper now fully supports macOS 11 Big Sur, macOS 12 Monterey, and macOS 13 Ventura, and can create bootable backups on both Intel and Intel-based Macs. chips.

The Mac application can currently still be used on very old systems with macOS 10.10. However, the “Shirt Pocket” developer studio has already announced that SuperDuper will be reducing support for older macOS versions in the future.

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