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If you own a Nintendo Switch and suffer from the so-called joystick drift, ie you are annoyed by incorrect input via the Joy-Con controllers that can be attached to the side, then a solution is in sight. However, this solution requires you to be able to swap the two vulnerable controller buttons yourself.

The Verge magazine draws attention to the availability of the GuliKit Hall joysticks for the Nintendo Switch controllers. This is a set of two replacement sticks that work using so-called Hall effect sensors and thus not only avoid the error proneness of the standard controller, but also reduce the power consumption of the Joy-Cons by half, which of course has a positive effect on the console battery life.

To avoid confusion: the name Hall effect does not refer to an acoustic context, but is named after its discoverer Edwin Hall. If you are interested in the details of this physical phenomenon, Wikipedia provides a general explanation and detailed information regarding its use in sensors at RS Components, a specialty retailer of electronic products.

Guli Kit Ns40 Detail

Initially, a limited number of GuliKit sticks were available for just under $30 through Amazon USA, but they probably sold out quickly there. It can be assumed that the trading buttons will also be available via other sources soon. In relation to this, you can keep an eye on this thread on Reddit which also draws attention to an offer on Amazon UK which, according to the product description, is also the GuliKit model NS40.

If you are thinking about such a repair, you may find the video below helpful. In it you can see in detail how the Joy-Cons can be disassembled to clean or replace the controller sticks.

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