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Coinciding with the release of macOS 13.2 and iOS 16.3, Apple has released a new help document detailing the availability, minimum requirements, and usage of the new “Security Key for Apple ID” feature.

As reported, with the two system updates, Apple has now made it possible to protect your own Apple ID against unauthorized access with additional hardware keys.

These are always required after the initial setup as a so-called “second factor” for future login procedures if an Apple device needs to be associated with an Apple ID. The login created in this way is valid for 90 days and must then be authorized again.

Different security keys available

Apple’s “Security Keys for Apple ID” support all FIDO certified security keys. These are offered in different versions with NFC chips, Lightning, USB-C and USB-A connections. If you only want to protect your iPhone, the NFC models will do just fine. If you also want to protect your Mac, you’ll need to use a security key with a USB-C port, which Apple says can usually also be used directly on the iPhone with a Lightning to USB-C adapter. It can also be assumed that this year’s iPhone itself will use a USB-C port.

Yubico’s YubiKey 5C supports USB-C and NFC connections. The YubiKey 5Ci supports USB-C and Lightning connections.

Product Notice

Yubico – YubiKey 5C NFC – Two-factor authentication USB and NFC security key, fits USB-C ports and works with supported… EUR 63.90

Product Notice

Yubico – YubiKey 5Ci – Security key for two-factor authentication on Android/PC/iPhone, dual ports… EUR 89.80

iCloud for Windows is omitted

During the initial installation of the Apple ID Security Key, Apple checks which computers are currently connected to your Apple ID and issues warnings if any incompatibilities are found. For example, iCloud for Windows doesn’t support security keys at all. Once set, iCloud can no longer be used on Windows computers.

Security key facility

Child accounts and Macs with older macOS versions are also not supported. Also interesting: To pair an Apple Watch, an Apple TV or a HomePod with an Apple ID after setting up the “Apple ID Security Key”, an iPhone or an iPad is required. A Mac alone is not enough here.

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