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The text messaging app WhatsApp, which is especially popular in Germany, has been available on the Mac for some time. While the Meta subsidiary’s Windows download is already available as a mostly stable desktop application, the Mac application has so far remained in beta and requires access to Apple’s TestFlight environment for installation.

Whatsapp Beta 1400

Not only were users required to install Apple’s TestFlight application and have the associated TestFlight link, they also had to be among the first 10,000 users to test, as Apple severely restricts the availability of the beta downloads offered through TestFlight. jojo Reviews reported.

New app now available to everyone

That’s the end now. As the blog WABetaInfo, which specializes in monitoring pre-release versions of WhatsApp, first pointed out, WhatsApp itself now offers its native Mac application for direct download from its own website and no longer requires interested users to take the detour. via Apple’s TestFlight.

Whatsapp Beta Mac

The native Mac download is 85 megabytes in size and is still marked as beta, but you can download and install it on your Mac without any special precautions.

In beta test for 5 months

The Mac application cannot be used without a mobile device, but requires an existing installation on the smartphone, which must be linked to the desktop download on first launch. macOS 11 Big Sur is required to use the WhatsApp application.

We last mentioned the beta test of the Mac application on jojo Reviews about five months ago. It is currently unclear how long the beta phase will last.

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