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The smart home outfitter Meross jumped on the Matter train relatively early. In the US, the manufacturer’s first switchable sockets compatible with the new standard have been available for pre-order since November. A version designed for European sockets was launched about two weeks ago and the first contingent sold out in no time. Now Meross is offering a new batch of the outlets, albeit at a slightly lower discount, for pre-order.

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As part of the current campaign, Meross is discounting pre-orders for its new Matter sockets by 30 percent. The bottom line is that you only pay $35 for the double pack instead of the regular $50. However, be aware that the new switch sockets won’t ship before March. Anyone who ordered when availability started can look forward to delivery from March 8, the second round of orders should start on March 22.

Matter starts slowly

The new smart home standard Matter is still in its infancy. The aim is to achieve compatibility of the products as independent as possible from the manufacturer and the platform, and well-known providers such as Apple, Google and Amazon have also campaigned for this project.

Meross Matter Images

Accessories such as the new Matter switching sockets from Meross no longer need to be certified for the systems of the individual providers, as was previously the case. It is sufficient if the Matter standard is supported to integrate the devices into corresponding smart home environments.

How the whole then presents itself in practical use remains to be seen. So far, the first steps in this area are still very rudimentary and mostly still in the beta phase. We expect the first big push for the new technology in the spring – in addition to Meross, several other manufacturers want to join with updates and new accessories.

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