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With the update to macOS Ventura 13.2, Apple also improved the Notification Center and fixed several issues related to the display and configuration of widgets.

This is primarily a flaw that developer Matthias Gansrigler drew attention to last year and was already present in the beta versions of the current Mac operating system.

Widget changes have not been applied

As Gansrigler, a developer of applications such as Yoink or SiriMote, reported in a blog post at the time, changes made by third-party providers using the widgets’ edit function were not adopted or reflected in the corresponding configuration menus. The error has been reported to Apple several times over the past few months and has now been corrected with the latest version of macOS.

Interestingly, an identical misconduct was also spotted during the beta testing of iPadOS 16.3, but Apple immediately corrected it. This fact seems to confirm that there is an increasing lack of internal communication between the various development teams at Apple.

According to Gansrigler, users who are experiencing the same thing with app widgets in Mac Notification Center and continue to see the error under macOS 13.2 should try completely restarting Notification Center with the following Terminal command:

killall NotificationCenter

If widgets cannot be edited

Speaking of the Mac Notification Center, several Apple widgets have also caused problems here during the latest versions of macOS. For example, the “Edit Widgets” option had no effect and widgets that came with the operating system, such as “Clock” or “Shares”, could no longer be configured after switching to the current operating system.

If this is still the case with you, it usually helps if you call up the “Edit Widgets” function, then immediately remove one of the default widgets and then add it back. As a result, all existing widgets should behave as desired.

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