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Homematic IP, the smart home system from manufacturer eQ-3, has a new hardware component in its portfolio. The tilt and vibration sensor, which costs 49.95 euros, should be able to detect even the smallest vibrations. A possibility that according to the provider can be used for various purposes.

Motion or intrusion detector

The inclination and vibration sensor should not only be suitable for detecting manipulations on doors and windows and should therefore be able to detect burglary attempts at an early stage. It can also be used as a motion detector. The inclination and vibration sensor simply needs to be attached to doors or stairs to respond to corresponding vibrations.

Depending on the purpose, the new sensor can then switch on lighting, send push notifications or activate an alarm routine. The sensitivity of the sensor must be user configurable, which should prevent false alarms.

Also recognizes position changes

In addition, the tilt and vibration sensor can also be used as a position sensor that detects position changes between 10° and 45°. eQ-3 lists the garage door or letterbox cover as possible objects whose use could be monitored with the position sensor.

Equation 3 Sensor 1400

The manufacturer himself has collected all the details about the new Homematic IP component on this dedicated page and draws attention to the fact that installation requires only an adhesive strip or screw. Two AAA batteries power the sensor.

The parts dealer ELV already offers the new sensor for 49.95 euros and states a delivery time of two working days. The sensor is also already represented on Amazon, but not yet in stock and for a too high price of 79.95 euros.

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