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Not only the Apple TV itself, but also the remote control of the Apple set-top box can be rebooted if necessary. Rebooting the Bluetooth remote can be accomplished with a forceful press of a button, takes just a few seconds, and can eliminate persistent connectivity issues between the Siri Remote and Apple’s streaming box.

Volume down and TV button at the same time

To restart the Siri Remote, the volume down button and the button with the TV symbol (Apple calls it the “TV/Control Center” button because the button can be assigned twice) must be pressed at the same time for at least five seconds are held. The Apple TV’s status indicator should turn off and on briefly during this time.

Five to 10 seconds after the reboot, the Apple TV should say “Lost connection,” indicating that it’s waiting for the remote to reboot. When it reports as available again, Apple TV displays the “Connected” information message. Finished.

Apple TV 4K connection issues

The manipulation may become necessary if the Siri Remote repeatedly loses connection with the Apple TV in daily use. This seems to be happening especially with the latest Apple TV 4K, as reported by several users on online forums and social media. But not only new devices seem to be affected, connection problems can also be observed in devices for which a new Siri Remote was purchased later.

The initial pairing and usage works flawlessly here for now, but the Siri Remote then apparently tends to lose connection from time to time, which can cause corresponding overlays on the screen while running movies and series.

Apple has not yet released tvOS 16.3.

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