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Nine months after the debut of the completely revamped recording software Audio Hijack 4.0, the responsible software studio Rogue Amoeba has now made version 4.1 available for download and thus releases the first feature update of the powerful recording studio.

Audio hijack 4 1

recording and sound correction

The Audio Hijack Mac application is capable of recording the audio signal from individual applications and specifying whether it should be output to the computer speakers, to connected headphones, or not at all.

In addition, multiple sources and outputs can be combined with each other and supplemented with effects or sound correction tools if necessary. For example, filters, compressors, balance and level controls can be activated and configured according to personal needs.

The individual components are available as building blocks within the audio hijack app, which can be linked together via virtual connection cables and influence each other accordingly.

New building blocks, new interface

The new version 4.1 has a new system audio module that can now output the entire audio signal from the Mac while excluding certain applications and thus foregoing error tones and notification sounds.

Systemaudio Audio hijack

The application’s user interface has been improved with additional sorting options and new table views for pre-configured recording sessions. In addition, Audio Hijack has been redesigned to take up less space on the Mac desktop.

In the blog of the makers, they discuss the innovations of the first major update of Audio Hijack 4 and have collected all changes in detail in the official changelog.

Pr recorder2x.130747

Audio Hijack 4.1 is a free update for owners of Audio Hijack 4. The full version of the software costs $77 and, assuming a use case exists, is worth every penny.

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