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Apple has updated its official maps and is now showing them in parts of Germany with significantly better quality than before. The renewal in the capital is very evident, with the satellite images now somewhat darker than the previously available aerial images, but after a while showing significantly more detail than before.

After looking around for a while, now new satellite images

The new satellite images are available in the iPhone map app as well as in the desktop application on the Mac, as well as accessible and viewable on the website of the data-efficient search engine DuckDuckGo.

While we can understand the messages from Berlin itself (thank you very much), we depend on your confirmations in other regions. In some places on the map website, Apple itself mentions that it was last revised in September, for exactly which parts of the satellite map new imagery is available, but that this must be checked manually in individual cases, as a continuously updated overview is unfortunately not offered.

Berlin Alex

Extension of AR navigation

Only recently were we able to report on the first sightings of so-called AR navigation in Germany. The iPhone map application uses the camera lens to orient itself in the immediate vicinity and positions itself with the help of the streets and facades.

The augmented reality display has been seen in more and more regions of Germany lately and looks set to be ready for general availability with the release of iOS 16.1, perhaps along with the new satellite imagery.

Ar Navigation 1400

If your map app is still showing old satellite images, try calling it again after restarting your device.

Thanks to Ben and all the other tipsters!

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Written by Kim Anderson

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