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The new Apple TV 4K is officially available today. If you ordered the revised set-top box early, you might get it delivered today. However, we have received mixed feedback in this regard so far. While Apple shipped some of the devices days ago to meet the promised delivery date, delivery to individual users should also be delayed.

We cannot yet answer the question whether the new version of the set-top box is already available in Apple Stores. You can provide information about this in the comments, but it is not yet possible to pre-order for collection in the Apple online shop. This will continue to display the message that the product is currently not available for pickup in the Apple Store.

3 arguments for the more expensive Apple TV version

Apple offers the new Apple TV 4K in two different versions, which differ in price by only 20 euros. From the gut, we would consistently recommend going for the more expensive version for 189 euros. With this model you keep a few extra doors open compared to the cheaper version for 169 euros.

Apple tv 4k 2022 differences

The current “top model” of Apple TV 4K is not only equipped with 128 GB and therefore twice as much RAM as the cheaper version, but also has an Ethernet connection. Although the connection via WLAN is usually sufficient, we would always prefer a wired connection to the network if this is possible without any problems. Ich reliably eliminates a potential vulnerability here.

In addition, you should in any case take into account that only the more expensive version of the Apple TV 4K can also be used as a control center for threaded networks. If you don’t have a HomePod mini at home, then the larger Apple TV is also recommended with a view to the future.

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