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The 12-in-1 display dock from accessory supplier Ugreen, which was announced at the end of October, is now also available in German stores and will be offered with an immediate discount of 60 euros upon market launch. The 15 percent price reduction makes the list price of 399 euros a temporary offer at a price of 339 euros.

Ugreen Display Dock Small

The display dock has three display outputs that allow control of three additional desktop displays. In addition to two HDMI ports, the 12-in-1 model also has a DisplayPort connection. All three ports can deliver 4K resolutions with a 60Hz refresh rate.

In addition, the desk accessory provides connected MacBooks with up to 10 watts of charging power, a network connection and two USB-A slots. On the front, the dock contains another USB-A and a USB-C port, an audio jack and two card slots for SD and MicroSD cards.

With network connection and card reader

According to the provider, the 750 gram 12-in-1 display dock is compatible with all macOS versions from macOS 10.14 Mojave and requires the use of a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. While the dock can provide up to 8K resolution when paired with Windows computers via an HDMI port, only three 4K signals can be delivered when connected to a Mac.

In terms of possible transfer speeds, Ugreen reports up to 104MB/s via SD and MicroSD cards, up to 10Gbps via the front USB-A and USB-C ports and up to 5Gbps via the two USB-A slots on the back of the dock.

Ugreen Display Dock Mac

There are currently no user manuals available for download on the manufacturer’s website, but they should be provided there in the near future.

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UGREEN USB C Docking Station, 13 in 1 USB C Dock for Laptop, HDMI DP [email protected] (8K Max) Triple Display Monitor for… EUR 339.15

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