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Mac users who like to put what they’ve written on paper in simple, unmixed text and do it without formatting, layout tools and additional guidelines can take a look at the new Mac application from developer Sindre Sorhus.

With the so-called Plain Text Editor, the programmer, known for his numerous productive programs, has placed a two-megabyte text editor in the Mac App Store that could rival Apple’s pre-installed TextEdit application.

The question that arises almost immediately, namely why one should use the plain text editor at all and not TextEdit, is answered by Sorhus personally on the website of the free offer.

Apple Text Edit 1400

Apples Text Editor…

Selected basic functions

Unlike TextEdit, the Plain Text Editor supports automatic counting of words, characters, and lines, optimizes line and margins for the best possible readability, and can be configured to float over all other open applications.

Plain text editor 1400

…and the plain text editor by Sindre Sorhus

If you prefer, you can also configure the text editor so that the background follows the current system configuration. In addition to the light and dark modes, you can choose between non-proportional and proportional fonts and choose whether you want the app title bar to be displayed permanently or if you prefer to hide it.

Personally, we swear by the text editor CotEditor, but do not want to deny the existence of the new plain text editor. As a simple tool whose developer is open to further feature requests, the Mac application could find a place among the previous solutions and establish itself as a distraction-free writing environment.

Download from the App Store

‎Plain Text Editor
‎Plain Text Editor
Developer: Sindre Sorhus

Price: Free

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Written by Kim Anderson

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