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The accessory supplier Logitech, which specializes in peripherals, offers a new version of its iPad stylus called Crayon. The new version of the pen, which costs 79.95 euros, features a USB connection and is compatible not only with the two iPad Pro models introduced yesterday, but also with the regular 10th generation iPad.

As a rule of thumb, the new Logitech Crayon is compatible with all iPad models with a USB-C port.

The pen, which is almost 16 centimeters long, has an integrated rechargeable battery, which should ensure uninterrupted use of up to seven hours per charge. The Logitech Crayon is then charged with the same USB-C cable that also powers the iPad. The oval shape of the pen should ensure that it does not roll away. Should the new Logitech Crayon nevertheless fall from the table, the manufacturer specifies a fall height of a maximum of 1.22 meters, which the input pin must be able to withstand without damage.

Apple is offering the new Logitech Crayon for iPad for pre-order and promises delivery by October 21. The old Logitech Crayon is now available for a street price of around 50 euros.

Unlike the Apple Pencil, however, the Logitech Crayon pens do not have pressure recognition, which means that it is unfortunately not possible or only possible to a limited extent to influence the line thickness in drawings. SO the Logitech Crayon’s tilt sensor distinguishes between two different drawing modes, which you can switch back and forth between by slightly tilting the pen.

Logitech Crayon Sustainability

Three LEDs built into the pen provide information about the current charging status. With a physical on/off switch, the Logitech Crayon can be stored so that it no longer consumes energy.

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