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If you look at Apple’s new tenth-generation iPad, the improvements over the previous generation cannot be overlooked and it should also quickly become apparent that Apple is no longer selling the new device at the entry-level price, which is up to for recently even less than 400 euros can offer its tablet segment. For this reason, the older iPad of the ninth generation is probably still available for 429 euros.

The $150 premium from the predecessor to the new iPad is undoubtedly the result of a number of technical improvements, some of which go well beyond the innovations in iPad upgrades in recent years. Above all, of course, the now full-surface screen and the associated integration of the fingerprint sensor in the standby button stand out.

Key Features and New Features in iPad 10

The only iPad with a landscape camera

In generation 10, the iPad also makes a big leap forward in built-in camera technology. The rear camera can now record twelve megapixels instead of eight, and the front camera has been positioned for use in landscape format for the first time on an iPad. Of course, one has to wonder why this change, often requested in the past, was not implemented in the new iPad Pro models. There’s no doubt that Apple has shied away from the expense associated with a corresponding change in the new-generation iPad Pro, which is outwardly unchanged from the outside, and will deliver the camera in landscape format here with the next case update.

The USB-C connection on the new tenth-generation iPad is certainly less due to Apple’s innovative spirit, but rather this change will be an integral part of the plan to completely replace the Lightning connection. We have already mentioned the big catch that comes with this. Apple eschewed the cost of making the new iPad compatible with the second-generation Apple Pencil, so it includes a USB-C to Lightning adapter that connects the now seven-year-old first-generation Apple Pencil to the new iPad and can also load on it.

Apple Pencil 1 With iPad

Apple Pencil from 2015 with old iPad

So immediately take an iPad Air with you?

While Apple’s latest iPad Air costs almost 200 euros more than the tenth-generation iPad, you can certainly consider buying a fourth-generation iPad Air in the Apple Refurb Store. With 529 euros you currently save no less than 50 euros compared to the new iPad and you get a device that has been refurbished by Apple, which comes with a full warranty and cannot be distinguished from a new device.

The performance data of the old iPad Air is largely identical to that of the new iPad, only the front camera has to make clear cuts with seven instead of twelve megapixels and the portrait format. The fourth-generation iPad Air is compatible with the new second-generation Apple Pencil and can also be charged magnetically via induction.

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